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I want to thank you for this forum.  My situation is that of a young single parent.  Although, I am now in my mid-thirties, life as a single parent is extremely difficult.  I read recently that 40% of those who file banckruptcy are single parents.  I can attest that those who don't still struggle with having enough time, money and energy. In regards to my student loans, I tried to make a better life and beat the odds with getting a higher education.  The so called path to success. Prior to going to college, I earned a decent living, had excellent credit and no debt.  Now I am in poor health, unemployed, haven't a college education, am in debt and have bad credit.  Here is my main complaint:

I am trying to consolidate my defaulted student loans.  I arranged a payoff amount that would save me $1500 but because the consolidation is going through the government, I must pay the full amount to the lender.  According to the lender it is the regulation of the government consolidation entity.  Of course, they say there is no such regulation.  I have a letter from the lender stating the lower pay off amount if paid by a certain date however they will not honor that amount if I use the government entity for consolidation.  They will if it is payed off through a private institution.  I do not understand why and they can't seem to explain it beyond it's policy, it's regulated.  The lender said, "Your using one government agency to pay off the other." I said, "So? What difference does it make who pays it off? It is still paid off and it's not like the government consolidation entity is discounting anything for me."  I guess it's because they know they can and there is absolutely nothing that can be done.  I guess they figure they got ya.  If you can't get a private loan the only other option is the government loan.

My hope is:  God will see me through.

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