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The following are testimonials submitted to this site. To tell your story, please go here.



$21,000 IN DEBTS as of 6/96. Ballooned to $46,000 thru "consolidation" techniques of Sallie Mae, USA Funds, DCS and DOE as of 02/02. I dont undersatnd how a defaulted loan can both be owned and paid off by Sallie Mae and DCS. They were the same loans! By the time these are paid off I will have paid over $280,000. I have paid $11,000 in the last four years and the principal hasnt even moved by $1000. This is insane and criminal. Their profits are criminal and their tactics should be illegal.


I worked from day one, freshman year to pay my education. No parental help!
I took two small loans, principals $2,200 each.
This company, ELSI, went out of business and Mass Higher Ed subsequently put me in default when I had a near fatal illness.
Numerous letters did nothing.
Then they were sent to their attorneys. They suddenly jumped from $4,400 to $20,000. I would blink and it was now $30,000
Then they got a judgement on me, without my knowledge. Meanwhile I had constantly called these attorneys and pleaded with them to make some amicable agreement. They would laugh and yellI hired an attorney who said for 5 grand they could deal with this. I was in my 30,s and accepted into medical school. I needed loans. Mass higher ed,s attorneys were about to settle when this idiot laywer I hired told them I was going to med school. A red light went off in them and they thought, we will wait till it,s $100,000 or$150, 000. Wev'e  got a judgement!  It is now $58,000, I lost my chance to go to med school, can't buy a home, car nothing.

They have trashed my credit and life. I am locked. My wife has breast cancer and this has crippled us. I am extremely responsible and pay my bills diligently! Something has got to be done! The wall street journal, I believe in Jan of 05, had an AIDS victum on the front page who was dying. He took a small loan. They boosted it up, told him to get rid of his cats and car etc. This attorney at Harvard, Elizabeth Warren, was in the article talking about how incredible the goverment collectors were. I contacted her and she simply said to call the Mass bar. No attorneys want to deal with this. Something has to be done!



I pursued college in the hopes of finding myself somewhere successful in my older age. I was an excellent student in high school and received a fair amount of scholarships. I graduated college in 2003 with a BA and about $40,000 in debt.

I graduated college with little in the way of a job market. I weighed my options and decided to go to graduate school. That degree costs about $80,000. And I borrowed every penny of it from Federal loans, Sallie Mae, and another organization called MEFA.

Due to another technical error, I was misquoted with a graduation date six months too early. While in my last semester of my Master's, after I moved across the country to work my way into a career within my industry while finishing an independent study, I started getting notices to begin repayment. Broke and depressed in Hollywood, I returned to Massachusetts to sleep on a free couch and sort out my mess.
In the meantime, for all intents and purposes, I have a Master's degree that is apparently useless. Currently I have three jobs to support myself, all of them temp positions. I'm overqualified for most work, and underqualified for work within my own field. Trapped in limbo with a $120,000 tab on my head, I have been told frankly by my lenders that with all my interest and the 30-year repayment program (because I can't do it any other way right now) that I will be paying somewhere in the range of $500,000 and one million dollars. All in the name of a dream wherein I would become a journalist, at a meager $25,000 salary, chasing stories and serving the public. Blah blah blah.

I'm very much on the brink of financial ruin at this point. I can't help but feel conflicted when advising my 18 year old sister, who is applying to college this fall. We have a single mom who was never able to contribute anything financially to our education. I'm frankly scared for the kid, who stands to be in worse debt than me with the way interest rates are going.
This is a damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don't kind of world. Without a college education, no one wants to really hire you. With too much education, no one wants to hire you. I will pay thousands of dollars to some mythical institution that gave me the power (ie money) to attend school to pursue my dreams....only to find that with my wishes granted, my dreams are destroyed as I struggle in administrative temping just to get enough money to pay the bills. On top of that, I'm told I should be very grateful I was even accepted into the temp pool at all.

I had the thought of killing myself many times, but the realization that my loan's responsibility would merely fall onto the shoulders of my co-signer (my mother) is what really keeps me going.



I graduated college in 1997 with approximately $13,000 in student loans.  In 1998, I started a business and requested loan deferrment.  Sallie Mae, the USA group, Chase, and Citibank had a cascade of loans.  I believe nine in total.  The deferrment was not recorded by all the loan service companies and many went into default.  I made a lump sum payment in 2002 of $21,000 for all the interest and penalties.  They are all paid off through collection agencies, yet my credit is destroyed.  I have been working for eight years to repair my credit and the incident has hurt my business and career; the reason I went to college in the first place.  



My name is Michelle and I graduated from Wagner College, in 2004 with a BA in Marketing. I graduated with $99,476.00 in total private loans from Sallie Mae. Since graduating I have already had to push back my loans twice, both times having to pay $150 dollars for a forbearance fee, because I could not afford to pay rent, utilities, transportation costs, food and my loans every month while I was making 30,000 dollars a year, living in NY. Because I could not afford the cost of living because of my loans I was forced to move back home to avoid paying rent, and now the only job I have been able to get is a part time job as a production assistant, making 8 dollars an hour. I make a total of about 800 dollars a month, and my student loans themselves are 1000 a month. I am living at home with my parents, and I have been forced to share a car with them. Because my parents work as well as I, I cannot get a second job at this time because I can't afford to get the!
 re, because of scheduling conflicts. I have spent the last year of my life looking for a full time job that pays more than 45,000 dollars a year because after calculating all of my expenses that is what I will need to make in order to live on my own and afford my monthly bills.

Now since graduating my interest has already jumped, and I now owe a total amount outstanding of $116,114.26. It is estimated by the time I pay off all of my loans, in the year 2030, at the tender age of 50 I will have paid a total of $251,142.53.

In the meantime, I have considered filing for bankrupcy, because I just can't afford anything these days, but because my parents are co-signers on my loans, I would not only ruin my credit history but I would also ruin theirs, and since I have used up all of my allocated time of forebearance I no longer have a choice but to hope and pray that I somehow am able to make my payments every month.

I don't think that it's fair to college students to wind up at the mercy of the government, and at the mercy of 100's of thousands of dollars in debt. Without a college education you don't get very far in life, it's practically mandatory to have that extra education, but what they don't tell you is that you'll end up regretting this education that you worked so hard for because you won't be able to have a life of your own. At this rate I won't be able to even afford a family, a car, a mortgage, a retirement plan. I'll be spending the rest of my life working two jobs, just to make ends meet, all because I have a quarter of a million dollars looming over my head.

It is time for our generation to take a stand and fight for what's right. The government is taking advantage of us and they need to be stopped!!! Sallie Mae needs to be stopped!!!



I took out 3 loans in 1984--two for 1,000, one for 2,000.  I went in to the peace corps and deferred, then tried to consolidate my loans.  During the time they were consolidating them, I thought they were still deferred.  3 months later I was told to avoid default to pay the total, which was impossible.  I finally got two paid off and paid half of the defaulted one.  Suddenly I was told to pay in total again.  I couldn't.  I worked with a lawyer who set up a payment schedule with another lawyer.  Then I started to get charged again for one of the loans I had already paid off.  When I said I was ready to go to court, I got a notice that to appeal I needed to show up in San Francisco (I lived in Boston) in a week.  I just gave up.  Fast forward to the Clinton administration, and the loans actually got turned over to the department of education and they were easy to deal with--I said I'd love to set up a payment schedule but noone would let me.  By now I owed 6,000, but I told them two had been paid off, could they find the loan.  I started paying $100.00 a month.  I finally received a response and was told they could not locate any paperwork on my loans from the private agency.  (I still have that).  I stopped  receiving the monthly payments.  I just said I couldn't agree to a loan I didn't owe, and always stipulated that there was a least 2,000 I hadn't paid back.  Fast forward to the Bush administration.  Early on first term, I started getting phone calls from private collection agencies.  Now owing $11,000.  Again I offered to pay $4,000 if I could be assured the interest from the time they told me they had lost my paperwork would not accrue.  Again I was told to go to San Francisco.  I contacted my senator, who got some response on the loans, but again it was inaccurate.  At one point someone called my house 13 times in one day, threatened me, and screamed at me.  I reported that and it stopped.  I am now going to the law clinic at our university.

I would love someone to sue SallieMae collectively.



In 1992, I was living in Los Angeles and I was tired of being told I wasn't qualified for jobs.  Deciding to return to school to finish my degree, I applied for admission to UMASS-Boston and I spoke with the financial aid office to learn about payment options.  I told them I had no money at all but desperately wanted to complete my degree. The option presented to me was to apply for a loan, which I did.

Later, I learned that I had been accepted to UMASS-Boston and that I was "approved" for a loan.  My first question was, "what was the loan amount and when would it arrive."  The answer to that question was, "don't worry, you've been approved."

Several times before leaving Los Angeles I contacted the financial aid office, asked that same question and received the same response every time.

"What was the loan amount and when will it arrive," I would ask.

"Don't worry, you've been approved," they would respond.

Leaving Los Angeles to return to Massachusetts was a huge decision to make on such flimsy reassurances, but I thought the smartest thing to do was return to school, finish my degree and land a job that suited my skills and interests.

It didn't happen that way.

I contacted a company that delivers cars and asked if they had any cars going from Los Angeles to New York or New England.  I got a car going from Chino Hills to northeast New Jersey.  I drove the car to New Jersey, hitched rides to Massachusetts, looked up a friend I hadn't spoken to since high school and asked if I could stay on his couch for a while, "until my loan money comes in."

School started, and as time passed, the loan money never arrived.  I contacted the financial aid office at UMASS-Boston, asked whatever worker was working the computer that day, "how much will the loan amount be and when will it arrive," and I was told, "don't worry, you've been approved."
As more time passed and the money still hadn't arrived, I stopped calling the financial aid office and I started going there once a week to ask the same question only to get the same answer.  When even more time passed, I started going to the financial aid office every day.

It became sort of a morning greeting between me and the workers at the financial aid office.  Instead of "Hello how are you" and "I'm fine," it was "What's my loan amount and when will it arrive" and "Don't worry, you've been approved."

Keep in mind, I was staying in the apartment of a person I hadn't seen in ten years, and the only way I was able to stay there was by telling this guy that I could pay him back "once my loan money came in."  After a few months, he had no reason to believe that the money would ever arrive and he told me to leave.  From that point on, I spent the next year moving couch to couch in apartments and homes of anyone who would let me spend a week or two or just a few days.  I was going days in a row without food and for transportation, I would hop turnstiles at T stations.  I did this so often that the people working at any of my regular T stations knew my entire story and actually allowed me to hop the turnstiles without paying.
The first semester ended without any of the money arriving from the loan for which I was "approved."  At that point, I surrendered.  I decided to quit school and get whatever crappy job I could get.

Then something unexpected happened.  I received a call from the financial aid office.  The person on the phone informed me that I had to complete a certain number of classes over the summer in order to keep my financial aid.  Believing what I was told, I registered for Summer courses at a community college.  This kept me from working that summer, but supposedly at the end of the summer I would receive money from my loan that would be about the same as what I could earn by cutting lawns or working at a gas station.

As the Fall of 1993 came closer, I started calling the financial aid office again, and again I asked the same question and again I got the same answer.  I asked, "how much would my loan amount be and when will it arrive," and I was told, "don't worry, you've been approved."
I entered the Fall semester with as little information as I had when I entered the previous Spring semester, and throughout the semester, no loan money ever arrived despite all assurances from the financial aid office that it would.

When the Fall semester ended, I had no intention of ever returning to school, but again, unexpectedly, the financial aid office contacted me.  They told me that if I registered for the Spring semester of 1994, I would receive financial aid for the full 1993-1994 school year.  Gullible, naive, stupid, desperate, I decided I would do as I was advised to do.  I registered for that Spring 1994 semester.

That semester came and went and no loan money ever arrived, and that's when the bills started showing up, telling me I owed money on my student loan.

This situation has destroyed me.  It destroyed life-long relationships and it put me in a situation worse than I was in when I was back in Los Angeles.  Before UMASS-Boston, I was "unqualified" for jobs I wanted.  After UMASS-Boston, I was still "unqualified" but suddenly strapped with a monstrous debt that I would never be able to pay.  That was a decade ago, and I have yet to break $30,000 in a year.  I'm 39 years old and last year I made $11,000.

I want this matter settled.  If Sallie Mae or any debt collector believes I owe them money, I want proof from them that I received that money, which I'm telling the entire world I never did.  This is a screw up that needs to be fixed, but if I'm unqualified for anything, it's figuring out what that fix will be.

While still at UMASS-Boston, I contacted Sallie Mae daily but received no responses.  I even visited the office of Sherry Penny, then the school's chancellor.  It's a funny story, actually.  During a year when she received a $100,000 raise in her salary (who knows what side benefits she received), I was living couch to couch and hopping turnstiles to get to school because of some mismanagement at her place of business.  I went to her office one day around 3 pm.  I told the receptionist who I was and why I was there.  She informed Ms. Penny that I was there and told her why I was there and I was told to have a seat.  I sat there for two hours.  A little after 5 pm the receptionist started turning the lights off and was getting ready to go home.  I asked her if I was going to get to see Ms. Penny and I was told that she had already gone home.  The woman had skipped out while I was using the bathroom some time around 4 pm.

After finally leaving UMASS-Boston for good, I contacted lawyers but didn't have the money to pay their fees.  I drafted a letter similar to this one, sent it to Sallie Mae and never received a response (other than the bills that came regularly).  I sent a copy to at least a dozen state legislators in Massachusetts.  Not a single one of them responded.  I sent a copy to the President of the University of Massachusetts, William Bulger, but he never responded.  I sent copies to all the Massachusetts members of the U.S. House of Representatives and to senators John Kerry and Ted Kennedy.  The only response I received from any of them was a letter from a Kennedy staff member telling me to contact the U.S. Department of Education.  Following this advice, I sent a letter but no one from the U.S. Department of Education ever responded.

Now I hear that the CEO of Sallie Mae is building his personal golf course in Fairfax County. I can't afford rent and he, with money scammed off college students, is buying land in the most expensive area of the country for his personal indulgence.

I'm wondering now... if he were to contact my state and federal legislators, what sort of response would he get? Would they ignore him the way they have ignored me since 1993-1994?



As a parent I thought I dotted my I's and crossed my T's to find the best student loan program for my kids. After my first son graduated with $70,000 in debt,(parent loans) we discovered this loans couldnt be consolidated into a fix rate.  A graduate from Yale Univ a Ivy league school mislead us regarding these loans. So, knowing my twins, son & daug would be starting college the following year,it was suggested I contact Sallie Mae, which I did. I was told that the 'signature loan' program would allow students to consolidated to a fix rate after graduation. Great, so this is the avenue I took for my next two children attending college to prevent them from going through what their brother went through. Sallie Mae told me if I co-signed their loans for the first two years it would reduce the interest rates at the time the loan was disbursed. I did thinking it would put them in a better position once they graduated.

As every parent knows we have to fill out the FSFA application each year which is suppose to alert our colleges what the Federal govt felt we could afford for college expenses. The system doesnt work, it doesnt prevent these schools from charging what ever they want regarding tuition. Its only a guideline to determine what a family could afford to pay. This supposely guideline didn't make a differece when it came to paying for higher education. We as their parents paid out $1000 and $1000 of dollars each semister, each year and my children raduated with $90,000 to $100,000 in debt. Now, the average starting salaries for college graduates is roughly $35,000 a year. Their monthly payments on their student loans vary from $700 to $1000 a month this is more than most parents pay on their mortgages. 

I called Sallie Mae on numerous, numerous occassions on the best option plan for re-payment of these loans after graduation. I was told we couldn't consolidate into a fix rate and it was recommeded we left the loans seperate.  Let me say this, I have spent hours trying to get a rep on the phone, then to be transfered to someone else. Their cust serv reps are the most dishonest people I have ever had to deal with. Maybe its the companies business practices, but they'll sell you the Statue of Liberty today and when it doesnt happen the next they can only apologize and offer yet another options which again wasn't an option at all.  We've have looked into consolidating these loans and was told there would a 2% processing fee on money we already borrowed from them. We were told, by consolidating the monthly payment based on todays interest rate would be lower and that we could extend these loans over 30years, and option we were never given before, but has always been available. W!
 e were also told if kids were credit worthy a co-signer wasn't needed. My kids have had
credit for 5-6 years since high school, with risk scores of 720, never been late on any credit card payment, and now their being told they are not credit worthy and a co signed was needed. Surprised, not at all, its  the Sallie Mae way, misleading, dishonest knowing what they end result will be to benefit their company, not the consumer. 

I have looked into every option out there and there isn't a company in this country that will consolidate these loans into a fix interest rate. Why, the govt allows this with Federal loans, why not other educational. Whe, we can get a fix rate on a mortgage, why not education loans. So, I wrote the White house, and was told this was not a govt program and there wasn't nothing they could do, and suggested I contact the leader. My response back to the White house was, then maybe the govt.needs to get involved and stop these variable interest rates on educational loans since it's our countries future being put in debt. Surprise, I didn't receive a response back this time and NOW I know why. Our govt is behind all of this and it needs to stop now.

I am here to support in any way to STOP this corruption and fraud our govt. has created. I will continue as a parent to help my kids from ruins, but it isn't enough.  WE NEED CHANGE NOW-Please Help our kids.

Thank you for for getting involved.



I feel as though I am never going to recover from this student loan situation.  This will be my end.  I have over 90 thousand dollars in loans, and I don't even have a 4 year degree.  2-years at an out-of-state school did me in. 

My story is long.and really telling the whole thing isn't going to make my loans go away but I feel as though someone has to hear something has to be done because I now realize that I am not alone.

This is the short version..

After a very round about way of it (way to long to get into) I went to an out of state school for pre-veterinary medicine.  After a year or so my father lost his job and I had to move back home.  It wasn't until that moment that I realized that my choice to leave and go to school cost me $75,000.  $75,000?!?!?  What was I going to do?  I still didn't have a 4 year degree, at least I had an associates, but come on now we all know that, that doesn't matter in today's society! 

So of course shortly there after good old Sallie Mae is there.calling me 3-4 times a day, at all hours.  I tried an explained my situation that I was working as a temp for $12 an hour, and I had other bills I had to pay, and they still wanted me to pay them $740 a month?  That is pretty much all that I was bringing home at that point, but they didn't care, they just wanted to get paid.  So I did as we all do I went into deferment, which I had to pay $150 , and it only lasts 6 months!  And it takes a lot longer than that to get on your feet.

Well, after being in deferment for 18 months now I owe close to $81 thousand dollars to Sallie Mae and I am sure even by now that amount has increased another thousand.  Not to mention that I have another student loan out for 10 thousand dollars more to Citibank.  So that's $91, 000 to pay back on an education that I don't even have a degree for.  Sallie Mae says if you call they will work it out with you, but I am sorry, you can't get blood from a stone.  There is no way possible that I can pay it off with the interest that keeps pilling on..this will take me to I am 60 years old.  And that's a life time of paying off a mistake to go to an out-of-state school.  And now that I am working I want to go back part-time to get my degree, but there is no way that I am going to add anything else to that amount.  Basically I am screwed.

And the worst part is there is no way to get around this.  All throughout high school, growing up everybody, I mean everybody keeps telling you that you have to go to college, you have to get a degree, you have to.  And I can honestly say that I wish to God I never did!  College only paved the path to a life of student loan hell.



In 1992 I graduated with honors and was headed to graduate school. I took a position at a psychiatric hospital where I was injured. I had taken a female patient out of harms way because she was being abused by staff who were later charged with violating her human and civil rights. I was assualted by the staff afterward and incurred a spinal injury that lasted for over five years. 50% of my body was in excruciating pain, I became indigent and homeless.

I got into law school. I was eager to continue my education but the loans had defualted and I was told "there's nothing we can do you should have taken care of it while you were injured.

Now I am recovered at about 90%, my lack of higher education I am certain continues to an on-going depression, and to add insult to injury every year my tax refund is taken, I would say stolen from me, with the help of the IRS. My earning capacity is less than before I college.

Where's the justice?



I took out a thirteen thousand dollor loan from Sallie Mae in 1991. I started repayments in 1994 at 7.75% interest. In 1996 I had to file bankruptsy. All debts I had were wiped out except Sallie Mae, I was not able to pay on a regular basis and extended the loan through several differant periods of forebearance and deferments. My loan ballooned to over $17,000 at present. Often I could not get through to Sallie Mae when I needed extensions and they had no sympathy at all. I saw the program on 60 minutes and felt very angry that Sallie Mae has taken advantage of so many students! This not right what Sallie Mae has done and I want to fight back!



I am married to a woman with a severe handicap. Because of this we have always been a single income household. To keep our heads above water, I decided to attend NETTS: New England Tractor Trailer Training school. I was given a student loan for this. I have since lost everything because of it. Our house was foreclosed on: our vehicle was repossesed: I have been threatened with both wage garnishment and income-tax garnishment. I had to agree to allow them to take electronic payments every month. Frankly, I cannot afford the amount of money they are taking from me: and if my wife and I do not end-up homeless again ( which we were for a while) it will be a miracle. A collection agency called DCS keeps taking the monthly payments from me, but nothing comes off the balance of my loan. My wife has bone-cancer and I really wish someone would do something about the student loan industry. As a single-income household I need a lower monthly payment.

My student loan has already cost me just about everything. We have a choice between eating, payimng insurance co-pays, and paying for prescriptions or paying Sallie Mae. Some choice, that is.


UMASS Sophomore

I happened upon this website as I was searching for help to finance my daughter's continuing college education. She is straight A and serious about her studies. I was determined to borrow the money to help her. After much disappointment dealing with the financial aid office and frustration over trying to make sense of FAFSA, I decided this game of you can afford it even though you can't was a dangerous one indeed. I am grateful for the stories shared on this website. They helped me decide to find other options for my daughter's future outside of the US education system.



From 1990-1994, I borrowed, as an adult and "non-traditional" (older) student monies to attend law school, support my family (I married in 1991), and take the bar after graduation. I attended Northeastern Law for the first year, then transferred to George Mason School of Law, to finish in 1994. I passed the Virginia State Bar on the first attempt in 1994 after attending a bar review course. In the years 1993-1994 there was a record national glut on attorneys, esp. severe in the NoVA-D.C. area where I then resided. I could not get a legal job, not even a temp. or part-time. I had career status in the federal gov't - left the fed civil service to go to school - but there was a hiring freeze and I could not get in. Despite the so-called Clinton boom, I could not find work. - to be continued.



Back in 2003, the school, Advanced Centers of Technology and Training (ACTT), in Quincy, Massachusetts had closed before I could attend. Sallie Mae had sent me forms to fill out because of the schools abrupt closing. I filled out all the paperwork and sent them what they needed. Then the Department of Education had sent me forms also to fill out, which I did and sent them to Richard Pedro, who at the time worked at the DOE and who was the contact person. After I had sent him all the forms, I stopped getting phones calls regarding the matter and the bills for the loan stopped coming. I did not hear from anyone from then on.

I recently went to a mortgage company, to try and purchase a home for my fiancé and I, and when my credit report came back it showed up as being deferred until April 22 of 2006. This is now over $16,000 and is doing a number to my credit. Not only is the loan coming up, but it is on there twice one from Sallie Mae Services and the other from Sallie Mae. I called Sallie Mae and the Department of Education, number of times before I could get someone to actually listen to my situation, before they told me "Too Bad". I was told by Sallie Mae they are no longer dealing with it and that I would have to contact the Department of Education. I finally spoke with Mary Jayne Faye. She first also told me there was nothing I could do and that I would have to pay the loan. This confused me, since it keeps being deferred since 2003.

I again contacted Mary Jayne Faye and she had told me that I didn't reply to certain letters, she had dates of when the letters where sent out when I spoke to her. Since I kept the paperwork, I have proof that I replied to all letters I received. I once again contacted Mary Jayne Fay and she finally agreed to have me send her the responses and paperwork, by fax that she had said I did not send in. It has been about two weeks now, I had called Mary and left a couple of messages which were never returned. I called her on April, 20, 2006 and she had answered the phone and I spoke to her briefly, she had said that when she has time she will review my paperwork and get back to me.

Also, after many calls with Sallie Mae, I finally got them to reactivate my Sallie Mae On-Line Account. I am not sure why it was disabled and why they gave me such a hard time to reactive it. When I mean a hard time, I mean it took me days of calling them. I really got the run around then, but it did happen. Now that I can check on the loan, it once again has been deferred till September of 2006.



Let me start after having yet another frustrating start to my semester due to Sallie Mae's "customer Unservice employees." Ever since I had taken out a $3,571.43 it has come to 4,294.64 in 4 years and that was with a fight. Let me tell you the countless times I have had to resend and resend an Inschool Forbearance form signed and stamped by the registrar's office of my school during the beginning of each semester.I am getting to the point I want to cry, they call me night and day even after I send the forms on saturday and Sunday morning and well into the night and all through the week they call around the clock. The funny thing is the Customer Unservice Monster People seem to take it so personally like you have done direct harm to them when you haven't paid your loan (EVEN THOUGH I HAVE DEFERED IT FROM BEING IN SCHOOL a million times, AHHH!!!)What is wrong with them they never have any correct records of my information on when and for what school ( since I transfered) I'm calling about. If you tell them your calling about Spring smester of 2007 they start refering to 2003 2005 who knows what they hear. They don't seem to understand when you explain nicely that there must be a mistake and I end up yelling because they speak so rudely to me and strees it's my responsibility to pay. I'M BEING RESPONSIBLE AND DEFERING MY LOAN ON TIME AND I'M NOT SUPPOSEED TO BE PAYING WHILE IN SCHOOL FULL TIME. But obviously they seem to think they are a loan company for some other industry ( not student school semester schedule) They seem to take it upon themselves to say your wrong.

Well my mother and grandmother co-signed my loan and they are harrassed daily. My grandmother never had a late bill in her life and they scare the everything out of her and make her so nervous she doesn't know what to do. My mother call all the times explains to them I am in school we send the forms continuously and we are part of the national clearinghouse of schools that reports full time status to the loan companies. My mom gets no where they are rude arrogant and have put a not on my account that she rants and raves, UMMM I wonder why she is ranting this has been going on since 2003 and they keep charging me for no reason. I need major help before I loose all hope and trust in the education system and these loan sharks because it becoming more about them making money off of students and our families than getting through the education system. Soon avergage and poor families especially will have little chance in getting an education unless they get scholarships and grants and not all can manage to get that. I'm so confused and upset I could explode from all the steam inside.





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