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New  Mexico

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I went back to college to start another bachelor's and therefore needed to borrow to do this. I think the original amount was probably in the neighborhood of 20,000 or so and now it's double - at 45,000. Unfortunately, a theatre degree in Southwestern city is not the most appropriate degree for a great deal of jobs that would pay decently. I had been on regular payment plan when I took some time off and then decided to continue my degree. Then, I graduated. Had gotten a job substitute teaching but lost it two years ago. I had a payment plan for a while but since I lost my job it's been hand to mouth. I have been treated quite viciously by collectors. Major harassment and I am not exaggerating, there were threats of litigation, I was being called three days in a row,often after 5:00 but after written complaints, they just dropped them and went to other less nasty collectors. The last people who called on "behalf of the Justice Department" (they said), really  sounded serious about legal action. The Dept. of Education was handling the initial collection and now it's somebody else-probably with ties to them. The loan originators were Direct and Guaranteed. Although, Sallie Mae has sent me stuff about 'consolidating' my loan.
This is a mess. Thank you though for this site!!!. I would be willing to be interviewed. By the way, I received another call from the current collectors and it sounds like it's going to start up again- I'm going to be contacted frequently it seems, I guess so they check up on my job status.



This student loan stuff is a nightmare. I can empathize with each story I read on this site. I have been going through depression and considering suicide myself. I simply feel trapped and there's no way out.

I am dealing with California Student Aid Commission/Edfund. Basically, they goated me into agreeing to pay them $500 at first and $375 per month for 9 months to get my loan out of default (as their nice program states). However, I first received info from them on the letter head of California Student Aid Commission. This was when I talked them from paying $25000 at that time to the above mentioned deal. A few weeks later I receive the same information under the letterhead of EDfund. Naturally, I panicked and thought I'd been had. They had my back account info and check card info... all of it. I contacted them and requested they not take anymore money from my account until I researched their company. They agreed.

To be sure, I canceled my check card so they couldn't take anymore and filed a complaint with my bank as my bank suggested. Long story short, my bank ruled in my favor and when I found out a within a week or 2 that edfund and CA Student Aid Commission were the same company I started making payments again. About 3 or 4 months down the road I called to make a payment and they refused to accept my money (still do) because, as the put it, I "tried to pull on over on them and my bank." If that were the case, why was I paying them????? Now they are trying to garnish my wages and I have a lawyer that I can't affored. They keep jerking her around too. Garnishments are to start immediately. I am extrememly desperate and trying to maintain. All I ever wanted was to help others. I am a therapist and the first in my family to attend college. But I also have major issues with depression and they aren't helping + they are threatening my ability to treat the chemical part of my depression by taking most of my money. Thanks for listening to my ranting.


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