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West Virginia

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I interview for a tech school and actually now that I think of it, it was like talking to a car sales man. oh this is the best school" we are very reputable" just look the government would not let student to get loans through them if we were not. So I thought well the government "I" thought was very strict about the loan process/borrowing, it would have to be. I seen signs hanging of company's that had hired students from this school, was also told they had a 99.8% job placement rate. The bells and whisles just keeps going on. I enrolled in the school, only to find out that of god what a lie I had been told, but by the time I figured it out it was to late. I don't understand why the government don't actually call these students after they were supposed to graduate, to see if they have found a job, after a while they will be able to see that these schools are so a joke taken the money of people of america and who is prtecting us. I don't have the means of !
 investgating we wouldn't need a degree  if we could to that. I have a lot of information about this school, things they have done when the auditors came in to check on the school, only certain people was allowed to talk, and if the boat was rocked you hell was to be paid. Now I'm stuck with this huge student loan and no job to pay if off.No one will hire students from this school.they even changed there name/location in our area, because of the reputation they had, that didn't help....
please help



I attended ITT Tech for one semester and received a loan for about $4000.00. which has grown to 12,000 over the years. I have no Idea how much I have actually paid in so far. In 2001 I had to file bankruptcy and return to WV do to illness of my mother and my wife. It has runned my credit rating. I Draw $625.00 SS and work 11hrs a week. I have gotten threating phone calls trying to collect this student loan, the phone rings all hours of the night. They took my 118.00 tax refund this year, and I only made $12,000 last year. My wife has been turned down for disability although she is unable to work. So I have to support her and myself and pay for an older car at $200.00 a month. I have not health insurance and I feel like I borrowed the money from a Loan Shark instead of the Government.(I thought I was getting a government student loan at the time.)I am afraid that under this new law They will be able to take my S.S.



I did not return to college until I was in my 30's - something I DO NOT recommend to anyone due to the financial hardship the student loans create.  From day one I have had numerous problems with Sallie Mae.  Too many to relay.

The most recent occured during a bout of unemployment, Sallie Mae required me to pay a fee for a 3 month forbearance request.  This fee plus 3 months of interest only payments were charged to my credit card (not much of a forbearance when you are not working and don't have any money coming in).  After they charged the fee plus 3 months of interest payments, they denied my forbearance request and reported me as delinquent.  They refused to refund my money or reverse their credit reporting.  Eventually I was told that there had been an error and that my forbearance had actually been approved - even though I had already been reported as in default on my loan.  For second forbearance fee plus an additional 3 months of interest only payments, all charged to my credit card, they would give me a forbearance.  Their practices just do not seem legal.  I saw 60 minutes reporting on Sallie Mae and hopefully there will be some type of class action suit or investigation, however I am not holding my breath!

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