In case you missed the news yesterday...

Republican House  member John Katko, who was cosponsoring HR. 2366 last session, has now RE-INTRODUCED THE BILL.  Same language, same title, same everything. The new bill is designated HR. 770

This bodes extremely well for us.  He's a republican, and this should help get more republicans on board.

We have a lot of work to do.

If you live in a congressional district represented by a republican, you need to push them HARD THIS COMING WEEK to cosponsor this republican bill.  I will paste an email I sent to various republicans earlier this week.  Use it as a template if you need to.  It will help.  DO NOT REST.  DO NOT TAKE "NO" FOR AN ANSWER.  DON'T STOP UNTIL THEY COSPONSOR THIS BILL.

This is part of the good news we've been waiting for.  There is more news to come.  Stay tuned...

Folks- again- I need to urge you to please make a donation, however nominal, to support this fight.  We need to raise something like $3000 to keep us in this fight through to the Spring.  Maybe a bit more actually.  Will you please step up and re-up your support, or if you have never donated, please make a first time donation?!!

We don't need much to survive to fight and win this battle, but it is not nothing.  I hope you can appreciate that fact, and appreciate how hard we are fighting on this end.  For you.

Ok, folks.  I hope you are all pleased.  Please spread the word about our group.  Strength in Numbers!

Best Regards,