Thank you for reading this. We need your help. We have identified you as a key public persona in this fight.

The student loan system is wrecking this country. Congress removed bankruptcy rights, statutes of limitations, and many other fundamental consumer protections from these loans, and this has turned it into a viciously predatory, and hyper-inflationary weapon against the people. Interest alone on the debt is now more than $100 billion per year.

There are 55 Million people in the country who have student loans, or are cosigned on them. MOST of them are being abused, bullied, and ripped-off by the lenders who have essentially been given a license to steal in the absence of bankruptcy rights. While few of them would actually need to file for bankruptcy, ALL of them would benefit tremendously from getting this power back.

These are your fans. People are literally dying. Others are fleeing the country. They are depressed. They are strangled. They are not buying homes or starting families. They are not buying your merch.

The Founding fathers called for uniform bankruptcy rights AHEAD of the power to raise an army. AHEAD of the power to declare war. AHEAD of the power to coin currency in the Constitution. This is what they were afraid of.

You have a loud, strong voice right now. You can help.

There is a bipartisan bill in the Congress that just came out, HR. 770, that will return constitutional bankruptcy rights to student loans. You can tweet about it. You can mention it publicly. You can bring a LOT of pressure to bear on Congress.

I hope you will consider it. Please call us, day or night, at (202) 594-1120. We'd be more than happy to give you an expert briefing on this.

Very Best Regards!

Alan Collinge, Founder

ps. your donation to this cause would be greatly appreciated.