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SLJ in the Media 

College, Inc, PBS Frontline, 5/10/10

The $555.000 loan burden, WSJ,  2/13/10

College Sinkhole
, PBS NOW, 12/25/09

A City Council asks for loan forgiveness, NY Times, 8/18/09

Not-so-honest broker, Inside Higher Ed,  7/07/09

Red Tape Chronicles, MSNBC,  5/12/09

Sallie Mae's about-face on student loan subsidies, Washington Post,  5/11/09

Students fight for college affordability, The Maneater, 4/27/09

Lender of First Resort, The National Review, 2/26/09

The Student Loan Scam
, Inside HIgher  Ed, 5/05/09

Maine Watch, 3/27/09

University Place Author Takes on Nightmare of debt, Tacoma News Tribune, 3/15/09

Democracy Now!, 3/12/09

Asking for student loan forgiveness, Businessweek, 3/24/09

About the Money, KCTS, 2/25/09

The Student Loan Scam Book Review, WSJ, 2/25/09

The dark side of student loans, NPR, 2/09

Some debt laden students wonder why they went to college, 20/20, 1/16/09

Student loans turn into crushing burden for unwary borrowers, Los Angeles Times, 12/27/08

Students:  "No way we can pay", The Boston Herald, 12/23/08

With no way out of trouble, more students likely to default, Seattle Times, 10/06/08

That student loan, so hard to shake, New York Times, 8/23/08

Another blow to student borrowers, Port Folio Weekly, 9/18/07

Proposed Law to make college more affordable, The Newshour, 8/15/07

No justice for student borrowers, Port Folio Weekly, 7/21/07

Owe, Shit, Penthouse Magazine, 6/01/07

Student loan agency faces new scrutiny, SF Chronicle, 5/16/07

Top Chef's dreams crushed by student debt, NY TImes, 5/8/07

Law Favors gambler over grad, Chicago Sun TImes, 5/06/07

Probe launched on Sallie Mae collection tactics, Washington Post, 4/27/07

Student Debt Mayhem, Port Folio Weekly, 3/6/07

More than a rabble rouser?
, Inside Higher Ed, 1/12/07

Manhandled no more, The Phoenix, 12/14/06

Democrats:  make student loans student friendly, Fortune Magazine, 11/13/06

Getting schooled on student loans, Washington Post, 10/24/06

Sallie Mae's Success too Costly?, 60 Minutes, 5/6/06

Your late fees, their millions, The Village Voice, 1/24/06

Sallie Mae:  a hot stock, a tough lender
, Fortune Magazine, 12/28/05

Robbing Joe College to pay Sallie Mae, The NY Times, 12/12/05


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The way forward on student loans, Beacon Broadside, 1/29/10

A Plea to add consumer protections to student loans, NY Times, 1/11/10

How much student debt is too much?, NY Times,  6/14/09

The economic downturn and Student Loans:  Some practical advice for borrowers, The Beacon Broadside,  1/13/09

The coming student loan bailout
,  10/12/08

College credit that fails students, LA TImes, 8/28/07

Company's march towards monopoly scary, The Tacoma News Tribune, 6/19/07

Sallie Mae insulting the American Public, 1/23/07

Fix the student loan mess, Denver Post, 1/11/07

Student Loans and the new Congress  Time to stop the bleeding, 1/9/07

Student loan guarantors useless, wasteful, should disappear, 12/9/06

Sallie Mae in desperate, 11th hour frenzy, 12/7/06

It's the corruption, stupid!  Why the student loan system should be investigated, 11/13/06

Students will be hurt by loan rates, Fredricksburg Gazette, 10/24/06

Sallie Mae doesn't need to break the law- they already bought it!
,  Baltimore Sun, 3/20/06

Boehner:  Stand tall to protect students,  1/09/06


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