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What We Can Do


1. Tell us your story


2. Educate Yourself

Most borrowers are overwhelmed and confused by their student loans, and are unable to speak intelligently about the subject. Please educate yourself about the basics of student loans first. It is confusing if you don't know the facts. Our book, The Student Loan Scam, published in January, 2009, provides a clear, compelling, and easily understandable argument for why the student loan system is predatory by design, and why standard consumer protections must be restored. Also, check out the SLJ media section to understand how this issue is progressing in the public forum.


3. Make a donation...however small.

Nominal support from you is critically important.  Our group runs on an extremely small budget (less than $10,000 per year), but we do not sell advertising, or make any other revenue from any source except our members.  It is important that you contribute, even nominally. .     

Please Donate!!

4.Call Congress, and the media

Our core mission is to compel Congress to return standard consumer protections to student loans, so of course you should start by doing this.   We have found, however,  that contacting the media, and working to get them to do stories is very effective to this end.  Identify reporters and publications who would be interested in writing about this issue. Call them. We have a very solid argument, and members in every major city in the U.S. who would be willing to be interviewed. Use this Fact Sheet as you go forward. The strength of our argument, combined with fair media coverage (not all media coverage of this issue has been fair) has helped us tremendously, but this issue is still far, far underreported compared to its importance to the nation.  This is actually far more valuable to the cause than any donation you might make.

It takes a bit of work to make stories happen in the media sometimes, but you will find it very worthwhile when you succeed.


5. Talk with Others

Get with your local State Chapter, and join our Facebook Cause. Meet others in the same boat. Compare notes. Plan coordinated action.


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