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The most important support that people can provide SLJ is through actions. This includes convincing members of Congress to return standard borrowing rights to student loan holders, convincing local and national media to do stories on this problem and making the argument for student loan justice in public forums, etc.

We decided years ago to fund this group only and entirely through donations from the members.  This prevents conflicts of interest, and guarantees that we are working only, and totally for the borrower, and have no other agendas.

Only you can help with this. Donors are updated frequently via email about our activities, progress and expenses. This is a great way to stay connected and see how your investment is being used. 

You can donate to us directly by pushing the button above.  These are considered to be personal gifts, and are not tax deductible.  Alternatively, you can donate for the educational work that we do through our fiscal sponsorship with the Backbone Campaign.  These donations are tax deductible.