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How You Can Help

The most important support that people can provide SLJ is through actions. This includes convincing members of Congress to return standard borrowing rights to student loan holders, convincing local and national media to do stories on this problem and making the argument for student loan justice in public forums, etc.

Compared to the army of well-resourced lobbyists, PR Firms and others who are paid to oppose us, our financial needs are extremely small, but it is imperative that they are met so that we can continue to fight and win this battle.

We don’t do deals with the loan industry to sell out our membership. Every dollar that we raise comes from SLJ members who appreciate the work that we do and for no other reason.

We decided years ago to fund this group only and entirely through donations from the members. We do not sell email lists and make $0 advertising revenue.

Only you can help with this. Your financial support goes a long way. Donors are updated monthly about our activities, progress and expenses in a monthly newsletter. This is a great way to stay connected and see how your investment is being used.

Donate and Support The Cause

There are two ways you can donate to support our efforts:

Direct Donations (Not tax deductible) and Tax deductible donations through our non-profit fiscal sponsor, The Backbone Campaign. This is for the educational, non-lobbying / electioneering work that we do.

Member Donations

As we push for the return of standard consumer protections to student loans, we rely solely and totally upon financial support from our members. Our monthly costs are  roughly $1,600 per month. This covers basic monthly expenses of the organization.

  • Office and Communication. 
  • Demonstrations, Travel, Other Special Projects: We have traveled over 75,000 miles, visited nearly every state, and done  over 50 demonstrations, protests, and other public displays for student loan justice.