The media is extremely critical to winning student loan justice. Given our small size and lack of advertising resources, we have found that the best way to spread our message is by doing quality research and working with journalists, producers, and others in the media.

News Media Appearances

We excel at making the argument for student loan justice and the media. In the past, we have appeared on 60 Minutes (top story), New York Times, Rolling Stone, VICE News, CNBC, CNN, and many other media platforms.

You can help by reaching out to your local or national news organizations that you feel we should talk to. If you have know of a good show for us to go on, a reporter we should talk to or anything else that will help to bring this issue to light, please send them our contact info below:
(202) 594-1120

Click here to see our archive of documentaries and media stories. We have either caused or have participated in them over the years.

















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Sign the Petition

We currently are asking President Trump to order the Department of Education to stand-down on opposing student loan borrowers in bankruptcy court. While no one wants to file for bankruptcy, having this constitutional power back on our side (as it is for all other loans in the nation) is absolutely necessary if this lending system is to be made fair! Please sign and share this important petition!


Your contribution is what keeps this grassroots organization alive. We are not supported by any corporations or interested lobbyists. Only the individual donations from this group are what keeps the fire burning. Find out how to contribute below.

Contact Us

We'll get back to you as soon as we can.  We look forward to hearing from you!  If this is urgent, please call (202) 594-1120, or email us at

When Is The Next Event?

We are currently in Iowa.  We are pushing all of the presidential candidates to fight for the return of standard consumer protections to student loans.  It is going well!  See our schedule, and come to Iowa and help if you can...


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