We're glad you found us.  We are fighting for the return of standard consumer protections to all student loans.

We've been around since 2005, and have been featured on 60 Minutes (top story), in the New York Times, Rolling Stone, FOX News, NPR, VICE NEWS, in the Los Angeles Times, and many other outlets.

We are a truly grassroots group, comprising student loan borrowers everywhere in the United States.

Congress turned the student loan system into a predatory lending monstrosity by removing nearly all standard consumer protections from student loans.

We are going to get them back, and the Founding Fathers are on our side.

We need you to help us fight, and you need us to get this problem solved!

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Please join us in this fight!  We do not share, sell, or otherwise use your information with third parties other than journalists (and only with your permission).

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We are asking President Trump to call for the return of standard, constitutional bankruptcy rights to all student loans.  Sign this.  It will help!

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